20 April 2012

New arrivals:Books List 3

Title Author Barcode
The Way Were Working Isnt Working: Schwartz, Tony 3342
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: Sullivan,Luke 3341
Management and Organisation: Linstead,Stephen 3343
Captains Courageous Kipling,Rudyard 3340
Thinking Design Balaram,S 3316
Understanding Strategic management Henry,Anthony E 3314
Supply Chain Cost Management Anklesaria,Jimmy 3312
Supply Chain Management Madan,Pankaj 3313
Principles of organizational behaviour Fincham, Robin 3308
Relationship marketing Godson,Mark 3288
Entrepreneurship Roy,Rajeev 3289
Ensure Team Effectiveness Aldridge,Kerry 3285
Manage projects Kent, Christine. 3286
Manage an information or knowledgemanagement system Robertshawe,Penny 3284
Compensation management: Deb, Topomoy 3310
A study in Business Ethics Raj,Rituparna 3322
Banking Strategy, Credit Appraisal, And Lending Decisions: A Risk Bhattacharya,Hrishikes 3321
Negotiation Hames,David S. 3317
Brand Management: Principles and Practices Dutta,Kirti 3301
Legal Aspects Of Business Saravanavel,P 3324
Marketing Strategy Mishra,Anil 3282
Understanding Michael Porter: Magretta,Joan 3293
Textbook of Hotel Housekeeping Management &operations Andrews,Sudhir 3291
The Case Study Handbook: Ellet,William 3303
Customer in The Boardroom?: Bijapurkar,Rama 3294
Facebook Marketing For Dummies Dunay,Paul 3297
Logistical Management: Bowersox,Donald J 3306
Supply Chain Management:
Organization theory Eriksson-Zetterquist,Ulla et.al 3302
Economic environment of business Chakraborthy,suman Kalyan 3319
No Country For Women Nasreen,Taslima 3351
An Idea Whose Time Has Come: The Story of the Indian School of Business Sinha,Pramath Raj 3352
Human Resource Development & Employee Relation Riley, Pippa 3298
Foundations of financial management Block,Stanley et.al 3330
Financial management Sinha, Pradip Kumar 3329
International Marketing Czinkota,Michael R. 3327
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive Diamond,Jared 3346
Up from Slavery Washington,Booker T. 3344
Midnight's Children Rushdie,Salman 3347
Every Second Counts Armstrong, Lance 3348
Communication Skills Kumar,Sanjay 3309
IT Service Management Kelkar,S A 3296
International Retailing Gupta,S L 3304
Solid Waste Management: Singh, Jagbir 3323
Handbook Of Management Consultancy Sadler, Philip 3354
Manage budgets and financial plans Haylee 3283
Best Thing About You Is You Kher,Anupam 3345
International Business Cherunilam,Francis 3311
Compensation Management Bhattacharyya,Dipak Kumar 3300
Health care management Singh,Ruchi 3326
Personality Development And Soft Skills Mitra,Barun K 3325
Human Resource Development David Mcguire, 3318
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism Services Kumar,Prasanna 3290
Introducing Public Relations: Theory & Practice Butterick,Keith 3295
A Shot at History: My Obsessive Journey to Olympic Gold Bindra, Abhinav 3353
Colonialism and Neocolonialism Sartre,Jean-paul 3350
My Spiritual Autobiography Dalai Lama 3349
Case method in management education and training: Dhar, Upinder 3356
Case method in management education and training: Dhar, Upinder 3355
Marketing Management For Nonprofit Organizations Sargeant,Adrian 3292

New Arrivals:Books List 2

Title Author Barcode
Media ethics Shrivastava,K M 3180
Myth buster Asthana,NC 3192
David Copperfield Dickens,Charles 3260
Mastering People Management Thomas,Mark 3191
The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Sharma, Robin 3190
A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: Expert Tips and Advice Sloane,Paul 3189
Making the Most of Being Mentored: Mentors Help. Mentees Do. Shea,Gordon 3188
Creating a High Performance Team: Conlow,Rick 3187
Branded Beauty: How Marketing Changed the Way We Look Tungate,Mark 3186
Best Practice in Performance Coaching: Wilson, Carol 3185
Organizational development a practitioner's guide for OD and HR Cheung-Judge, Mee-Yan 3184
The Power of Co-Creation: Ramaswamy, Venkat 3183
How Remarkable Women Lead: Barsh, Joanna 3182
Public Relations in India: New Tasks and Responsibilities . Vilanilam, J. V 3181
Mobile Marketing: Toker, Aysegul 3261
The Yellow Emperor's Cure Basu,Kunal 3210
Open City Cole, Teju 3209
China and India: Malik,Mohan 3208
South Asia: Envisioning a Regional Future Pattanaik,Smruti S 3207
Handbook Of SAARC Singh,Sudhir Kumar 3206
Anna Karenina Tolstoy,Leo 3262
Count of Monte Cristo Dumas,Alexadre 3263
The Bachelor of arts Narayan,R K 3231
The Bachelor of arts Narayan,R K 3232
Human Resource Management Randhawa,Gurpreet 3228
Group Discussions for admissionsand jobs John,David 3229
Tales from Shakespeare Lamb,Charles 3244
Oliver Twist Dickens,Charles 3245
Frankenstein Shelly,Mary 3242
Room with a view Forester,EM 3238
India: An Introduction Khushwant Singh 3241
Enigma of Arrival Naipaul, V. S. 3247
Eternal Husband and other stories DostoevskyFyodor 3240
Sins of the father Archer,Jeffrey 3233
The Impulse Economy
China InTen words Hua,Yu 3205
India Arriving: Dossani,Rafiq 3211
Beyond Ego Horn,Art 3212
Start and run an internet business Strange,Carol Anne 3215
Lajja Nasrim,Taslina 3249
Business-To-Business Marketing Brennan, Ross 3287

Business Transformations Chandrasekar,K S 3281
Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization: Rafinejad,Dariush 3280
International Finance Shailaja,G 3279
Managing Change: Hughes,mark 3278
Marketing Management Pradhan,Debasis 3277
Listen First!: Rappaport,Stephen D 3276
Small Business Survival Guide: Starting, Protecting, and Securing Your Business for Long-Term Success Ennico,Cliff 3275
Beyond Performance: Keller, Scott 3274
Winning the Loser's Game, Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing Ellis,Charles 3273
Organization Design: Cichocki, Patricia 3272
Managing Recruitment Training and Development (Book of Activities) Christopher,Elizabeth M 3271
Cracking the IT Interview Balasubramaniam, M et.al 3332
Temple and the mosque Premchand 3248
Notes on the Great Indian Circus Khushwant Singh 3239
The New Rules of Marketing & PR: Scott,David Meerman 3214
Shopper Marketing: Stahlberg, Markus 3339
Sherlock Holmes, the complete novels and stories Doyle, Arthur Conan 3338

New Arrivals :Books List 1




Like The Flowing River Coelho,Paulo 3225
The Inheritance of Loss Desai,Kiran 3235
Mein Kampf Hitler,Adolf 3257
Capital Marx,Karl 3250
The Rough guide to climate change Henson ,Robert 3256
The monk and the riddle : Komisar,Randy 3198
Thinking Fast and Slow Kahneman, Daniel 3200
One click : Brandt, Richard L 3196
Niche : why the market no longer favours the mainstream Harkin, James 3201
Managing the non-profit organization : Drucker, Peter F 3254
The McGraw-Hill 36-hour course Organizational development Balzac,Stephen 3266
Managers, can you hear me now? : hard-hitting lessons on how to get real results Strigl, Denny F 3267
The McGraw-Hill 36-hour course : product development Belz, Andrea 3268
Research Project Riley,Pippa 3204
Expand Your Brand: How to Supersize Any Brand Anywhere in the World Pereyra, Merrill. 3193
7 deadly sins of corporate mismanagement : Vir Singh, Udai 3194
The story of my life Keller, Helen, 3230
The story of my life Keller, Helen, 3259
Motivating People for Improved Performance Harvard Business School Press 3197
Hiring Smart for Competitive Advantage Harvard Business School 3199
30 Day MBA in International Business: Barrow,Colin 3213
Brand Failures Haig,Matt 3216
Face-To-Face Communications for Clarity and Impact Harvard Business School Press 3217
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Harvard Business Review Press 3218
The coffer dams Markandaya,Kamala 3234
Coolie Anand,Mulkraj 3246
Selected short stories Saki(Munro H H) 3265
War and Peace Tolstoy,Leo 3264
Memoirs Pablo,Neruda 3226
Future Files: Watson, Richard 3222
The Entrepreneur's Strategy Guide: Ten Keys for Achieving Marketplace Leadership and Operational Excellence Cannon, Tim 3227
The Mobile MBA : 112 Skills to Take You Further, Faster Owen, Jo 3219
The India Way: How India\'s Top Business Leaders Are Revolutionizing Management Cappelli, Peter 3169
Family Wisdom Sharma,Robin 3168
The Greatness Guide2 Sharma,Robin 3167
Becoming a Manager: How New Managers Master the Challenges of Leadership Hill,Linda A. 3166
Inside Apple Lashinsky,Adam 3165
Start It Up Johnson,Luke 3156
Role plays Turner,David 3155
The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity Hill,Napoleon et.al 3153
Training for change Bishop,Sue 3154
Successful Finance for Non-Accountants Brown,Brian 3150
Organizational behavior. Robbins, Stephen P 3335
Organizational behavior. Robbins, Stephen P 3336
Organizational behavior. Robbins, Stephen P 3337
Tale of two cities Dickens,Charles 3255
The Boss is NOT Your Friend Nair,Vijay 3253
Kalam effect Nair,P M 3252
Cases in management Srivastva ,Sanjay 3307
Applied case studies in marketing[ with cd] Shajahan,S 3328
Effective presentation: Kaul, Asha 3179
Think global go rural Kanan,KV 3305
Corporate Responsibily Blowfield ,Michael 3299
Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders Coleman,John 3161
Repeatability: Creating Enduring Businesses for a World of Constant Change Author: Zook,Chris 3162
Rural Marketing Kashyap, Pradeep 3334
The Little Black Book of Innovation: How It Works, How to Do It Anthony, Scott D. 3164
Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization Hoffmann, Carl 3163
Intelligent Stock Market Investing Handbook Yasaswy,N J 3157
Managing With Power - Politics And Influence In Organizations Pfeffer,Jeffery 3158
In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives Levy,Steven 3159
What to Ask the Person in the Mirror Author: Kaplan,Robert 3160
The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking Is the Next Competitive Advantage Martin,Roger L. 3149
My Big Idea: 30 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Found Inspiration Bridge,Rachel 3151
The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels Watkins,Michael 3152
Business of Tourism Choudhary,Vikash 3144
Medical tourism in India Kumar,R 3145
Textbook of rural marketing Chawla,Shipra 3146
Inside the Indian Business Mind Zubko,Katherine C 3147
The Great Workplace: How To Build It, How To Keep It, And Why It Matters Burchell, Michael 3148
Tathaastu Sajeev Nair 3143
Teaching And The Case Method: Barnes,Louis B. 3331
Win the battle of conflicts within Tiwari,Ram Shanker 3175
Empowering women as I see Bedi,Kiran 3174
Harvard Business Review on Collaborating effectively Harvard Business Review 3170
Entrepedia: Vaidynathan,Nandini 3172
Finding & Keeping the Best People Harvard Business Review 3171
Start and Run a Business from Home, : How to Turn You Hobby or Interest Into a Business Power,Paul 3173
Indian microfinance: Ghate,Prabhu 3176
A Random Walk Down Wall Street: Malkiel, Burton G. 3177
Environmental Economics Jhingan,M. L. 3178

19 April 2012

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9 April 2012

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