8 November 2016

MNV Collections

List of books available in MNV Collections.

Barcode Title and Author Shelving location
MNV1 Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual Biography, by Davidson , Alistair MNV Collections
MNV2 Confronting Empire: Interviews with David Barsamian, by Ahmad,Eqbal MNV Collections
MNV3 Religion And Society Among The Coorgs Of South India, by Srinivas,M. N. MNV Collections
MNV4 The Civil War In France, by Marx, Karl MNV Collections
MNV5 Who Benefits from India's Public Services?: A People's Audit of Five Basic Services, by Paul, Samuel MNV Collections
MNV6 Gorbachev Economic Reform and Eastern Europe , by Narayanswamy, Ramnath MNV Collections
MNV7 Health Management : A New Perspective, by Jayamani, C V MNV Collections
MNV8 Mao Papers, by Chen,Jerome MNV Collections
MNV9 Guerrilla Warfare, by Guevara, Che MNV Collections
MNV10 Socialist Economics: Selected Readings , by Nove,Alex MNV Collections
MNV11 Karl Marx: Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy , by Marx,Karl MNV Collections
MNV12 The Painful Transition: Bourgeois Democracy in India , by Vanaik,Achin MNV Collections
MNV13 Export competitiveness of selected agricultural commodities MNV Collections
MNV14 Managing relations between government and public enterprises : a handbook for administrators and managers, by Fernandes, Praxy MNV Collections
MNV15 Health implications of public policy: case studies, modules, methodology, by Ghosh,Basu Ed MNV Collections
MNV16 Pothan Joseph's India: A Biography, by George,T. J. S. MNV Collections
MNV17 Kerala's Gulf connection : CDS studies on international labour migration from Kerala State in India, by Zachariah,K.C. MNV Collections
MNV18 Education for Attention Ed.3, by Tavaria, S. N. MNV Collections
MNV19 The Global possible : resources, development, and the new century., by World Resources Institute MNV Collections
MNV20 Origins of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) :from national revolutionary politics to non-conformist Marxism, by Bhattacharya,Buddhadeva MNV Collections
MNV21 The Militarisation of politics & society: Southeast Asian experiences. , by Chunakara,Mathews George MNV Collections
MNV22 A Survey of Kerala History , by Sreedhara Menon , A MNV Collections
MNV23 Capitalist Economy:, by Vygodsky,S MNV Collections
MNV24 Intelligent person`s guide to liberalization, by Bhaduri, Amit; MNV Collections
MNV25 Alan Turing: The Enigma of Intelligence, by Hodges,Andrew MNV Collections
MNV26 The ABC of Contract Bridge : Being a Complete Outline of the Acol Bidding System and the Card Play of Contract Bridge, Especially Prepared for Beginners, by Cohen,Ben MNV Collections
MNV27 Rethinking democracy , by Kothari,Rajni MNV Collections
MNV28 Contemporary Social Issues: Essays in Honour of Prof. P.K.B. Nayar / edited by Jacob John Kattakayam., by Kattakayam,Jacob John MNV Collections
MNV29 Parliamentary Democracy and Political Change in India , by Biju,M R MNV Collections
MNV30 Citizens' Rights, Judges and State Accountability, by Noorani , A. G. MNV Collections
MNV31 The Best of Henry Miller, by Durrell,Lawrence MNV Collections
MNV32 Kerala's economic development : issues and problems, by Prakash, B.A. (Editor) MNV Collections
MNV33 The Indian economy: recent development and future prospects, by Lucas, Robert E. B MNV Collections
MNV34 The Paradox of Static Change: Lectures on Underdevelopment., by Vyasulu, Vinod MNV Collections
MNV35 Mao Tse-Tung : Selected Writings , by Mao Tse-Tung MNV Collections
MNV36 Regulation and Development: The Indian Policy Experience of Controls over Industry , by Marathe,Sharad S. MNV Collections
MNV37 Marxist Economic Theory , by Mandel,Ernest MNV Collections
MNV38 India's Political Economy 1947 -1977, by Frankel, Francine MNV Collections
MNV39 Values For Corporate Leadership : An Indian Response To Global Challenge 1995, by Rana, J M MNV Collections
MNV40 The Trima Lectures 1989 MNV Collections
MNV41 Plight of the power sector in India : inefficiency, reform and political economy, by Kannan ,K.P. MNV Collections
MNV42 India's demography: essays on the contemporary population, by Dyson, Tim ed MNV Collections
MNV43 Sree Narayana Guru: Saint, Philosopher, Humanist, by Sreenivasan, K; MNV Collections
MNV44 Urban Transport sector policy paper 1975 MNV Collections
MNV45 An approach paper on Development of Small Enterprises in Kerala , by Institute of Small Enterprises and Development MNV Collections
MNV46 Public Policy on Small Industry in the Post-WTO Era: International Experience and Lessons for India MNV Collections
MNV47 Is the Indian police trigger happy :Papers and Discussions at seminar Organised by Nehru college,Bombay on June 26, 1995 MNV Collections
MNV48 Organizational Report : adopted by the 17 th Congress of the Communist Party of India held at Singaravelu Nagar, Chennai from September 14-19, 1998 , by Communist Party of India MNV Collections
MNV49 India and the International Monetary Reform MNV Collections
MNV50 Crisis in India Studies in Political Economy Series 1, by Reddy,Narasimha MNV Collections
MNV51 India at 50: Facts, figures and analyses 1947-1997 MNV Collections
MNV52 Management of drought relief operations 1975 , by Chowdhary, R K, ed. MNV Collections
MNV53 Seminar on problems of plan implementation / C. T. Kurien . . . [et al. ], by Kurien,C. T. MNV Collections
MNV54 M.N. Roy: A Political Biography , by Roy,Samaren MNV Collections
MNV55 Global Social Governance: Themes and Prospects, by Deacon, Bob MNV Collections
MNV56 The quality of growth , by Thomas,Vinod MNV Collections
MNV57 Ricardo, Marx, Sraffa : the Langston memorial volume , by Mandel, Ernest MNV Collections
MNV58 Housing sector policy paper 1975, by World Bank MNV Collections
MNV59 Report of the Committee on Industrial Licensing - 1979, by Nanda H P MNV Collections
MNV60 Business Communication: Theory and Application, by Lesikar, Raymond V. MNV Collections
MNV61 Patents Act, 1970 along with Rules, 2003 MNV Collections
MNV62 Threatened Peoples, Threatened Borders-World Migration and U.S. Policy , by Teitelbaum, Michael [Editor] MNV Collections
MNV63 Privatization in South Asia: Minimizing Negative Social Effects through Restructuring, , by Joshi, Gopal MNV Collections
MNV64 On Economic Inequality, by Sen, Amartya MNV Collections
MNV65 Amritsar : Mrs Gandhi `s Last Battle , by Tully, Mark MNV Collections
MNV66 Class power and state power, by Miliband, Ralph. MNV Collections
MNV67 Theories of "regulated capitalism" : (a collection of articles) , by Blyumin,I G MNV Collections
MNV68 Urban Process in Kerala, 1900-1981., by Sreekumar, T T MNV Collections
MNV69 Soviet economic devolopment and structure , by Mehta, Vinod MNV Collections
MNV70 Soviet Economy: New Economic Strategy, by Mehta, Vinod. MNV Collections
MNV71 Issues in Indian Labour Policy: , by Johri , C. K. MNV Collections
MNV72 The End of Ideology Debate edited, with an introduction by Chaim I. Waxman., by Waxman,Chaim I. MNV Collections
MNV73 Character of the Indian state : a non-Marxist view., by Sethi,J D MNV Collections
MNV74 Reach for the sky, by Abraham A MNV Collections
MNV75 New Economic Policy , by RAJ, K N MNV Collections
MNV76 Equality and inequality, theory and practice , by Beteille, Andre,ed. MNV Collections
MNV77 The urgency of change, by Krishnamurthi, J MNV Collections
MNV78 Beyond Autonomy: Roots Of Indias Foreign Policy, by Damodaran, A K MNV Collections
MNV79 Industrial Change in India, 1970-2000: Present State of Indian Manufactures and Outlook of the Same , by Rosen,George MNV Collections
MNV80 Better you:Magic of personal power, by Abraham,A MNV Collections
MNV81 Limits to Kerala model of development: an analysis of fiscal crisis and its implications , by George, K. K. MNV Collections
MNV82 The Concept Of Economic Equality, by Bauer, P T. MNV Collections
MNV83 Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the Democratic Revolution, by Lenin , V. I. MNV Collections
MNV84 Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder, by Lenin, V.I. MNV Collections
MNV85 Trade Unions : selected readings, by McCarthy,WEJ MNV Collections
MNV86 A practical and cost-effective approach to EIA: Report of an international seminar on EIA for development, April 1984, by Horstmann,Klaus MNV Collections
MNV87 Science and Technology for Development : A Compendium of Essasys on the Seventh Kerala Science Congress, by Iyengar,P. K. editor MNV Collections
MNV88 Literature of Revolution: Essays on Marxism, by Geras, Norman MNV Collections
MNV89 Enrolment in higher education: a trend analysis , by Sharma, G. D MNV Collections
MNV90 Fifty Years of Soviet Power: A Study of Social, Economic, and Political Developments., by Gidadhubli, R. G. MNV Collections
MNV91 Delhi School of Economics Founder Day Address November 14 , 1998, by Raj K N MNV Collections
MNV92 Innovations in banking : The Indian experience impact on deposits and credit, by Rangarajan , C MNV Collections
MNV93 Industrial Growth in India: Stagnation since the Mid-Sixties, by Ahluwalia , Isher Judge MNV Collections
MNV94 Sociological theories of Pitirim A. Sorokin , by Zimmerman, Carle Clark, MNV Collections
MNV95 Socialist Nationalisation of Industry , by Vinogradov, V. MNV Collections
MNV96 Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography, by Nanda , B. R. MNV Collections
MNV97 Science and Education Essays, by Huxley,Thomas Henry MNV Collections
MNV98 The Unfinished Revolution: Russia, 1917-1967., by Deutscher,Isaac MNV Collections
MNV99 Nationalism and colonialism in Modern India , by Chandra, Bipan. MNV Collections
MNV100 Rural development : learning from China, by Aziz, Sartaj. MNV Collections
MNV101 Buddha vs. Krishna. Is Bhagwadgita Spurious? Discovery of Original Gita;, by Kolpe S B MNV Collections
MNV102 Policy analysis for the real world , by Hogwood, Brian W MNV Collections
MNV103 Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian, Choose Yourself, by Aggarwal,Gopinath MNV Collections
MNV104 Contradictions in Indian Society: Essays in Honor of Professor A.R. Desai, by Savur, Manorama ed MNV Collections
MNV105 Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning, and the New International, by Derrida,Jacques MNV Collections
MNV106 Management in Government: Selected readings, by Mathur, B. C. MNV Collections
MNV107 The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism , by Lenin,V.I. MNV Collections
MNV108 I was a swayamsewak: An inside view of the RSS., by Dhooria,Ram Lall MNV Collections
MNV109 Political economy of brain drain : reverse transfer of technology , by Kabra,Kamal Nayan MNV Collections
MNV110 In the world of corporate managers, by Rangnekar,Sharu MNV Collections
MNV111 How to Slay the Financial Dragon: Winning the Battle for Time and Money, by Stanmeyer,William MNV Collections
MNV112 The Indian economy: recent development and future prospects, by Lucas, Robert E. B MNV Collections
MNV113 Abuse of Power: Social Performance of Multinational Corporations: The Case of Union Carbide, by Dembo,David MNV Collections
MNV114 Commonsense Bidding: The Most Complete Guide to Modern Methods of Standard Bidding , by Root,William S. MNV Collections
MNV115 Management perspectives : Essays on managerial priorities and management education, by Balasubramanian N MNV Collections
MNV116 Policing India in the New Millennium Hardcover , by Alexander, P J MNV Collections
MNV117 Ormakalile T.K.divakaran, , by TK Divakaran Trust. MNV Collections
MNV118 G Venugopal Smaranika (Malayalam ) MNV Collections
MNV119 To live with all your heart : How to eat more and live longer and better , by Diehl, Hans MNV Collections
MNV120 The Evolution of Soviet Society, by Damodara Kurup , C.P. MNV Collections
MNV121 Globalization and Its Impact on Human Rights , by Chunakara, George Mathews MNV Collections
MNV122 Pakistan: Old country, new nation., by Stephens, Ian MNV Collections
MNV123 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 10th Edition, by Mish, Frederick C. MNV Collections
MNV124 Workers' Control and Labour Welfare in the Soviet Union., by Sane,G. D. MNV Collections
MNV125 Making A Success Of Coalitions , by Krishnamurthi,Lakshmi MNV Collections
MNV126 War and Peace in Contemporary Social and Philosophical Theory , by Horowitz, Irving Louis. MNV Collections
MNV127 The Rise and Fall of Economic Liberalism: The Making of the Economic Gulag, by Clairmont, Frederic E. MNV Collections
MNV128 The systems approach / by C. West Churchman , by Churchman, Charles West MNV Collections
MNV129 Beyond the Melting Pot, : The Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Italians, and Irish of New York City Second Edition, by Glazer, Nathan MNV Collections
MNV130 Reason & Violence A Decade of Sartre's Philosophy, 1950-1960, by Laing, D. G. MNV Collections
MNV131 Evaluating "Literacy for development" projects, programs and campaigns: evaluation planning, design and implementation, and utilization of evaluation results, by Bhola, H.S. MNV Collections
MNV132 Holding the state to account : citizen monitoring in action, by Paul,Samuel MNV Collections
MNV133 Socio-economic change in Kerala, by Verghese, K E. MNV Collections
MNV134 Economic reforms and poverty reduction, by Mathew,A. Santhosh MNV Collections
MNV135 Industrial Concentration And Economic Behaviour: Case Study Of Indian Tyre Industry, by Mani, Sunil MNV Collections
MNV136 Bunch of Thoughts, by Golwalkar,M.S. MNV Collections
MNV137 A Question of Balance: Labour, Management, and Society , by Ramaswamy , E. A. MNV Collections
MNV138 Organization Development: Interventions and Strategies, by Ramnarayan,S. MNV Collections
MNV139 Modernisation and Employment: The Coir Industry in Kerala , by Isaac, T M Thomas MNV Collections
MNV140 Sharad Pawar- the making of a modern maratha, by Ravindranath ,P. K. MNV Collections
MNV141 Sociology in South India / edited by P.K.B. Nayar. , by Nayar,P.K.B. MNV Collections
MNV142 The new science of management decision, by Simon,Herbert Alexander MNV Collections
MNV143 First things first : meeting basic human needs in the developing countries, by Streeten, Paul. MNV Collections
MNV144 Asante padykrtikal : Complete collection of poems, by Kumaran Asan ,N MNV Collections
MNV145 Economics and national strategy in the information age : global networks, technology policy and cooperative competition, by Golden, James MNV Collections
MNV146 Empire Builders: Inside the Harvard Business School, by Mark, J. Paul MNV Collections
MNV147 The panic of 89, by Erdman, Paul MNV Collections
MNV148 Selections from V. I. Lenin and J. V. Stalin on National Colonial question, by Lenin, V. I. MNV Collections
MNV149 The Theory and Working of State Corporations , by Prakash, Om MNV Collections
MNV150 The Socialist Register, 1977: A Survey of Movements & Ideas, by Miliband, Ralph MNV Collections
MNV151 Economic Consequences of Gulf Migration, by Isaac,T.M. Thomas MNV Collections
MNV152 Managing People in Business : performance through perception, by Parukh, S K MNV Collections
MNV153 Reading Capital, by Althusser, Louis, MNV Collections
MNV154 Who wants democracy?, by Alam, Javeed MNV Collections
MNV155 Local democracy and development: People's campaign for decentralized planning in Kerala., by IsaacT.M.Thomas MNV Collections
MNV156 The End of Poverty: How We Can Make It Happen In Our Lifetime, by Sachs, Jeffrey D MNV Collections
MNV157 Street fighting years : an autobiography of the sixties, by Ali, Tariq MNV Collections
MNV158 Teachers, Writers, Celebrities: The Intellectuals of Modern France, by Debray, RĂ©gis MNV Collections
MNV159 Kerala matrkaykkappuram , by Rajagopalan,V MNV Collections
MNV160 Privatization and Labour, , by Venkata Ratnam,C.S. MNV Collections
MNV161 Innovation and Micro and Small Enterprise Development in Africa and Asia, by Van Dijk, Meine Pieter MNV Collections
MNV162 The twilight of capitalism , by Harrington, Michael. MNV Collections
MNV163 The Open Society and Its Enemies : The Spell of Plato Volume 1:, by Popper, Karl MNV Collections
MNV164 Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore , by George, T. J. S. MNV Collections
MNV165 The Dragon vs. The Elephant: Comparative Analysis of Innovation Capability in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry in China and India,, by Mani,Sunil MNV Collections
MNV166 The Political Economy of Development in India Expanded edition with an epilogue on the political economy of reform in India , by Bardhan, Pranab MNV Collections
MNV167 Documents of the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist): Calcutta, October 5-11, 1998, by Communist Party of India (Marxist) MNV Collections
MNV168 The Challenge of Democratic Empowerment , by Kakarala Sitharamam MNV Collections
MNV169 Privatization in South Asia: Minimizing negative social effects through restructuring, by Joshi , Gopal (Ed.) MNV Collections
MNV170 Organizational design for excellence., by Khandwalla Pradip N MNV Collections
MNV171 Economics and national strategy in the information age : global networks, technology policy and cooperative competition, by Golden, James MNV Collections
MNV172 India's Economic Reforms, 1991-2001 , by Joshi, Vijay; MNV Collections
MNV173 Indian Philosophers and Postmodern Thinkers Dialogues on the Margins of Culture, by Olson,Carl MNV Collections
MNV174 Administration and the Citizen, by Sanghvi,Nita MNV Collections
MNV175 The Rise of V.P. Singh and the 1989 and 1990 Elections, by Suri, Surindar MNV Collections
MNV176 Documents of the Revolutionary Socialist Party 1938-1947 A.D., Volume I, by Saha, Murari Mohan MNV Collections
MNV177 World to Win:Essays on the Communist Manifesto, by Karat, Prakash MNV Collections
MNV178 Future of India:politics, economics and governance, by Jalan, Bimal MNV Collections
MNV179 Nehru: The Making of India, by Akbar, M. J. MNV Collections
MNV180 The Open Society and Its Enemies Volume 1 - Plato , by Popper,K.R. MNV Collections
MNV181 Managing People in Business : performance through perception, by Parukh, S K MNV Collections
MNV182 A passion for excellence : The leadership difference , by Peters, Tom. MNV Collections
MNV183 Street fighting years : an autobiography of the sixties, by Ali, Tariq MNV Collections
MNV184 Mao Tse-Tung : Selected Writings 1967, by Mao Tse-Tung MNV Collections
MNV185 Shorter Constitution of India , by Basu,Durga Das MNV Collections
MNV186 Preparing Objective examinations, by Harper ,Edwin A MNV Collections
MNV187 Institution Building in Education and Research: From Stagnation to Self Renewal, by Mathai, Ravi, MNV Collections
MNV188 Political Resolution : adopted by the 17 th Congress of the Communist Party of India held at Singaravelu Nagar, Chennai from September 14-19, 1998 , by Communist Party of India MNV Collections
MNV189 Is the Indian police trigger happy :Papers and Discussions at seminar Organised by Nehru college,Bombay on June 26, 1995 MNV Collections
MNV190 Issues and Themes; Essays in American History and Civilization MNV Collections
MNV191 Social Watch India: Citizens Report on Governance and Development, 2004, by Samuel, John MNV Collections

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